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Check this Music Out: The xx

by Sami, 03/25/2013

What do I wish for when I hear The xx? That they’d play at Lollapalooza this year. After all, I’ve missed them when they were here in Chicago last year because I was on my way to Tokyo. Funny thing, they just left Tokyo before coming to the US. Some where over the ocean, we might have crossed paths.  

I then fantasize about meeting them in person to thank them for what they’ve accomplished. Their music is the type of stuff that gets you through a rough breakup or a 2 hour train ride. In my opinion, it gives your heartache an appropriate level of drama. Admittedly  I was introduced to them when they came out with their second album, Coexist. Maybe it was because the first one I heard but I prefer their sophomore album to the first one (or maybe it’s the missing band member). It’s one of the few albums that I can play on repeat for a while and I will never realize where it finishes or starts—some might think it’s because every song in the record sound like the one after but I disagree. I love this album because of its ability to teach the listener to let go and accept. It’s not about giving up on love or being happy after a loved one has left. To me, Coexist is about accepting reality and dealing with the awful feeling of being utterly lonely and coming out of it being able to breath better. 

Sunset might be the standout for me. Hearing “When I see you again// And I’m greeted as a friend// It is understood// That we did all we could” absolutely crushes me but then makes me happy—very much like a sunset does. Then again, I don’t think I can pick a favorite, the entire thing is absolutely amazing. Give is a listen on Spotify then go buy the album! If you’re lucky, check them out live, you’ll be blown away. 


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